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The most common uses are for middle infielders and some pitchers for gloves up to 13". The open thumb creates a greater vacuum to allow the ball to funnel into the pocket. The rolled pinky is especially useful for players such as middle infielders making running plays to their glove side. In this position ranging to the left, the player runs the risk of the ball bouncing off the edge of the glove. The Twist shape helps to keep the ball from squirting off of the pinky side of the glove and funnels the ball into the pocket where it belongs.


This shape promotes a consistent point in the pocket to grab the ball Land make the throw. Pitchers who throw a lot of change-ups prefer the Twist shape as it allows for more room to grab the changeup grip without the potential of tipping their pitches. The Twist simply allows more room than our Roll Form to grab a changeup grip.

The Twist (Right Handers only)

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    • The only PATENTED Glove Care Product designed to create a flared thumb while rolling the rest of the glove in slightly. Fits INFIELD/OUTFIELD/PITCHERS gloves up to 13”.
    • PROTECTS and KEEPS SHAPE of your entire glove when it’s not being used which provides consistency and allows you to develop a feel for your glove. Use to SHAPE and PROTECT NEW OR BROKEN IN GLOVES.
    • Neobreathe™ Compression Case Fabric draws sweat from the glove. It also SIGNIFICANTLY DECREASES BREAK IN TIME by applying a constant light stretch to the leather.
    • Significantly decreases break in time of new gloves.
    • Removable handle wrap for name/number embroidery. Glove not included. Pocket colors may vary.
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