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Using WebGem Glove Care System for Catcher’s mitts is the best way to break in and keep your glove ready for every pitch. Our patented Square product will allow you to create a larger pocket typical of the pockets found in MLB ALL STAR catcher’s mitts. Catchers at all levels who prefer this larger pocket should choose The Square form. As a bonus, players can customize their personal pocket to their exact specifications through minor changes in positioning of the form.

    The Square

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      • The only PATENTED Glove Care Product specifically designed for 33” and larger BASEBALL CATCHER'S MITTS.
      • PROTECTS and KEEPS SHAPE of your entire glove when it’s not being used which provides consistency and allows you to develop a feel for your glove. Use to SHAPE and PROTECT NEW OR BROKEN IN GLOVES.
      • Neobreathe™ Compression Case Fabric draws sweat from the glove. It also SIGNIFICANTLY DECREASES BREAK IN TIME by applying a constant light stretch to the leather.
      • Significantly decreases break in time of new gloves.
      • Removable handle wrap for name/number embroidery. Glove not included. Pocket colors may vary.
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