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The Roll can be used in all positions as well, but for smaller gloves up to 11 3/4". Just like the rest it has its strengths over other forms. It is like choosing your flavor of ice cream. Some players like a tight/closed feel to their glove. The pocket created in our Roll Form has a deeper more closed feeling.


This is a popular form amongst pitchers and infielders. The pinky side being rolled in has an advantage when ranging to the glove side and preventing the ball from bouncing/kicking off the glove. The rolled thumb keeps a nice tight form on the glove that most pitchers going with fastball-slider-curveball combination prefer.

The Roll

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    • The only PATENTED Glove Care Product designed to create a slight inward roll of all fingers and thumb. Fits INFIELD/OUTFIELD/PITCHERS gloves up to 11 3/4”.
    • PROTECTS and KEEPS SHAPE of your entire glove when it’s not being used which provides consistency and allows you to develop a feel for your glove. Use to SHAPE and PROTECT NEW OR BROKEN IN GLOVES.
    • Neobreathe™ Compression Case Fabric draws sweat from the glove. It also SIGNIFICANTLY DECREASES BREAK IN TIME by applying a constant light stretch to the leather.
    • Significantly decreases break in time of new gloves.
    • Removable handle wrap for name/number embroidery. Glove not included. Pocket colors may vary.
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