The Flare is our best-selling form for gloves up to 13". The open thumb and pinky allow the largest vacuum possible to funnel the ball into the pocket no matter where the ball may initially hit the glove. The highest recommendation for outfielders. Outfielders charge the ball usually in a straight line. Outfield grass is cut differently in all fields and causes a snaking effect on the ball. 


This form allows the maximum possibility of fielding the ball cleanly and making the throw. As with all forms the pocket formed creates a consistent point to grab the baseball. For infielders, this is especially beneficial optimizing the maximum opening to field the ball. This works well for middle and corner infielders alike.  For pitchers, who really dig on their change up or split finger, this form is beneficial to keep pitchers from tipping their changeup or split by flaring the glove.

The Flare

SKU: 0013
    • The only PATENTED Glove Care Product designed to create an outward flare on thumb and little finger of glove. Fits INFIELD/OUTFIELD/PITCHERS gloves up to 13".
    • PROTECTS and KEEPS SHAPE of your entire glove when it’s not being used which provides consistency and allows you to develop a feel for your glove. Use to SHAPE and PROTECT NEW OR BROKEN IN GLOVES.
    • Neobreathe ™ Compression Case Fabric draws sweat from the glove. It also SIGNIFICANTLY DECREASES BREAK IN TIME by applying a constant light stretch to the leather.
    • Significantly decreases break in time of new gloves.
    • Removable handle wrap for name/number embroidery. Glove not included. Pocket colors may vary.