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How to Apply the Glove Glaze


Apply a THIN layer of GLOVE GLAZE making sure to work it into all of the crevices of the glove. Apply to the laces as well. GLOVE GLAZE should be applied to all leather surfaces of the glove, inside and out. Allow the glove to sit (with the Form in it, placed inside the bag) over night. The next morning, remove the glove from the bag, if it still has conditioner on it, the glove is well conditioned, wipe any excess off completely and Enjoy and Play Ball!

Glove Glaze

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  • GLOVE GLAZE TM - Specifically designed to maintain the natural oils in your glove's leather. This premium quality GLOVE conditioner is designed for today's high-quality gloves. It is simply the best ball glove conditioner ever made. The term GLAZE literally means "light coating". Never apply GLOVE GLAZE with the intent to saturate your glove. When applied correctly GLOVE GLAZE does not weigh down your glove and will not clog the pores that allow the leather to "breathe". GLOVE GLAZE should be applied regularly, about once a month, depending on how much you play.

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