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We want to help you choose the right WebGem specifically for your glove and the position you play. Whether you choose the Flare, Flare XL, Roll, Twist, Deuce (Catcher's), Square (Catcher’s), 3GRANDE' (First Baseman's) or LEFTY (Left Handed First Baseman's), using the WebGem consistently and correctly will allow you to achieve and maintain the shape and feel you desire in your glove.

The WebGem System consists of one WebGem Glove Form TM designed for your desired glove shape, a Custom Neoprene Glove Bag TM and our proprietary Glove Glaze TM --the perfectly formulated glove leather conditioner.

There is no doubt that consistent use of WebGem Glove Care System will help you create the most important tool in your defensive arsenal and allow your quality glove to last a lifetime.  

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Our best-selling form is used in infield or outfield gloves up to a max of 13", the Flare WebGem will put a slight outward roll on the thumb and little finger of the glove creating a wider pocket for getting those extra inches to reach the ball.

Designed specifically outfielder and softball gloves larger than 13”. The Flare XL WebGem will put a slight outward roll on the thumb and little finger of the glove creating a wider pocket for that highlight reel over the shoulder catch.

Used in infield or outfield gloves, up to 11 3/4", the Roll WebGem will slightly roll the ends of the gloves fingers over to help you create that perfect pocket. The Roll Form should be placed in the glove with the pointed end at the heel of the glove and the decal facing out. You can customize the break point of the heel by consistently placing the point of the Form where you would like the "hinge point" of the glove to be.

The most common uses are for middle infielders and some pitchers up to 13". The open thumb creates a greater vacuum to allow the ball to funnel into the pocket. The rolled pinky is especially useful for players such as middle infielders making running plays to their glove side.

Catcher - This form maintains that perfect open pocket that is required for a great target. The Deuce Form should be placed with the point of the Form in the hinge at the heel of the glove and the label facing out. After removing the Catcher's WebGem from the glove for practice or a game, put the glove on your hand and use your throwing hand to work the web over the center of the glove.


Catcher - Our patented Square form will allow you to create a larger pocket typical of the pockets found in MLB ALL STAR catcher’s mitts. Catchers at all levels who prefer this larger pocket should choose The Square form.

First Baseman - Up to 14" glove-First basemen need a wide-open target and a great pocket for digging that low throw out of the dirt. The 3GRANDE First Baseman's WebGem provides just that. Simply place the 3GRANDE WebGem in your glove with the label facing out, and place it in the Glove Bag to create the perfect target.

Lefty new.png

Left Handed First Baseman - Same as the 3GRANDE' but for left hand throwers. Perfect system for up to 14" first basemen's mitts.

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