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WebGem was designed to ensure that your most important piece of defensive equipment is just the way you like it - Every Day Every Game.



Your glove is your tool. A carpenter takes care of his tools, as does any smart craftsman - US Military teaches “Take care of your gear and your gear will take of you.” The goal of the carpenter or any craftsman is to provide the best service possible. For the soldier it is about winning the war and live to celebrate the victory. In baseball our goal is the same. Provide the best defensive service to the team and celebrate the victory. This is the common principle behind the development and perfecting of the WebGem Glove Care System.

With your glove broke in properly and shaped just the way you want it creates confidence when you play defense. You are aware that your glove can help you minimize your opponent’s “Runs on Fielding” stat and you take pride when you save runs by making amazing WebGems.

Serious players realize the importance of taking the best possible care of their gloves. No matter the defensive position you play a consistent perfectly shaped glove just the way you like it can make all the difference on those tough plays. 


WebGem was designed and produced with great defense in mind.  Now you can easily protect your glove when it is in your bag, when you travel with it and every time you store it away between use. 


You never would throw your glove in the dugout or on the ground or leave it to be smashed in your closet or baseball bag or suitcase. Now you have the perfect system to give your glove the care it deserves.  Even if it gets stepped on or thrown under a ton of equipment, it is completely protected with the WebGem Glove Care System.

Enjoy and Play Ball!

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